Streetlight Pole Banners

The City of Dallas banner program was designed to add life and color to the city’s streetscape while at the same time promoting special events and other cultural or sporting activities of benefit to the City.

Days in Advance

An application for a permit authorizing the placement of streetlight pole banners must be submitted online at least 30 days prior to the banner installation date.

Day Permit

A streetlight pole banner permit is issued for a period not to exceed 60 consectutive days. Permits may be extended pending pole availability.


Applicants may not submit an extension request earlier than two weeks prior to the expiration of an existing streetlight pole banner permit.

Permit Procedure


All applications processing fees must be paid for the permit process to begin.


Please read the guidebook and look FAQs before completing your application.


A short guide to help you plan your banner campaign.


Frequently asked questions.

1. Complete Application

Complete and submit the application with in the applicable number of days prior to the first day of setup for your special event.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

2. Pay Application Processing Fees

All application processing fees must be paid to secure your dates, venue/ location, and begin the permit approval process. OSE will send you an invoice via email.

3. Permit Review Process

Numerous City Departments and partner agencies are involved in the application review process.

4. Preliminary Letter

Once the reviews are complete, the OSE Coordinator will send you an email outlining and identifying what  requirements must be met in order to issue your permit.

5. Permit Issuance & Final Conditions

Upon  confirming all requirements have been met, the Office of Special Events will issue the permit.  The permit will  list the conditions and/or restrictions for which the applicant must uphold. It is imperative to read the permit very carefully to understand all of the final conditions

Chapter 42A