Neighborhood Market

The purpose of the Neighborhood Market is to promote neighborhood markets within the City of Dallas to support the local economy, encourage healthy and sustainable living and create a more positive image of the city for the citizens.


Updated July 7, 2020 at 4:45 p.m.

Neighborhood Markets are allowed to operate as they are defined as “Essential Businesses.”

COVID-19 Farmers Market Update

Office of Special Events continues to issue permits to farmers markets. To help limit the spread of the Coronavirus, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) urges farmers market operators to monitor and implement federal, state, and local health guidelines concerning the spread of COVID-19. Please review Coronavirus Farmers Markets Guidance for a complete list of COVID-19 protocols. The Office of Special Events looks forward to working with you. Please submit a neighborhood market application today.

Days in Advance

Complete and submit the application no less than 30 days prior to the first day of the market opening.


Produce & Prepared Foods

At least 30% of the vendors participating in a neighborhood market must sell produce or other prepared food items, otherwise a Special Event Permit may be required for your activity.

Year Permit

Neighborhood market permits are valid for one year, and expire one year after issuance.

All applications processing fees must be paid for the process to begin.
Please look over the FAQs before completing your application.
Templates provided are in the required format.
High Impact Area
Designated areas of the City have specific requirements to limit the impact to residents and businesses.
Frequently asked questions.

Permit Procedure

1. Complete Application

Complete and submit the application with in the applicable number of days prior to the first day of setup for your special event.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

2. Pay Application Processing Fees

All application processing fees must be paid to secure your dates, venue/ location, and begin the permit approval process. OSE will send you an invoice via email.

3. Permit Review Process

Numerous City Departments and partner agencies are involved in the application review process.

4. Preliminary Letter

Once the reviews are complete, the OSE Coordinator will send you an email outlining and identifying what  requirements must be met in order to issue your permit.

5. Permit Issuance & Final Conditions

Upon  confirming all requirements have been met, the Office of Special Events will issue the permit.  The permit will  list the conditions and/or restrictions for which the applicant must uphold. It is imperative to read the permit very carefully to understand all of the final conditions
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