Commercial Filming

The motion picture industry creates jobs for the development of the creative arts industry, as does the production of TV programs, commercials, and video games.

Days in Advance

Commercial Filming Applications should be submitted online 3 business days prior to the shoot date. If the film project is more complex, the application should be submitted 5-7 business days prior to the shoot date.

*Applicants requesting to film on a Monday must submit applications by the previous Wednesday at noon.

An applicant for a permit shall pay the applicable application processing fees. All fees are nonrefundable.
Please read over the fees and other information before completing your application.
Frequently asked questions.
Templates and Forms
Templates and Forms to assist you with your application.
Notification Requirements
Some filming requires notifications 3 days in advance of filming activity.

Please see below for when a permit is required for your filming project.

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COVID-19 Filming Update

To protect the health and safety of the public and in alignment with Executive Order 29, if someone has requested a permit with an attendance over 10, the Convention and Event Services – Office of Special Events is currently working with applicants to modify their permit application to reduce attendance, reschedule to a later date, or to elect to cancel their activity. We continue to work with our contract health authority, Dallas County, to comply with the Governor’s latest orders.  

  • While filming, no additional visitors, clients, office personnel, or other non-essential personnel associated with the production are allowed.
  • Individuals should, to the extent feasible, maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet from others. Limit personnel congregating.
  • Face masks or fabric face coverings must be worn (over the nose and mouth) by employers, employees, crew, cast (when not on camera) and contractors when on-set even when individuals are practicing social distancing. On camera talent, who are not able to wear a mask while performing, should wear a mask or face covering before and after they complete their performance.

Effective June 3, 2020 and updated July 2, 2020, on-set/on-location media production may operate provided they can ensure at least 6 feet social distancing while working and comply with other safety recommendations. Because of the proximity between individuals and the collaborative nature of media production, stringent compliance with these protocols is required. Please see the full list of the State of Texas – Minimum Standard Health Protocols for Media Production – Revised July 2, 2020.

When is a commercial filming permit needed?

  • For any filming or related activities on real property, building, facilities, public space and tangible property. To include all types of independent and studio productions such as but not limited to; Still Photography, Commercials, Documentaries, Feature Films, Television Series, Television Movies, Television Shows, Webisodes, Public Service Announcements, Music Videos, Student Films & Corporate Shoots.
  • Utilizing city streets or alleyways (i.e., street closure, lane closure, intermittent traffic control or requiring traffic interruption).
  • Utilizing public sidewalks in which the filming activity requires the sidewalk to be ‘closed or blocked’ to public access.
  • Filming/still photography of the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Fire-Rescue Department or other city personnel, to include ‘said’ property.
  • Filming/still photography of the official flag, seal, shield, service mark, badge, or other insignia of the city or a department of the city, or a facsimile of the flag, seal, shield, service mark, badge, or other insignia of the city or a department of the city.
  • Parking on a restricted curb lane or street.
  • Filming B-roll of any city property including but not limited to; City Parks, Pioneer Plaza, Dealey Plaza or City Hall Plaza.
  • Use of city owned facilities of the City of Dallas
  • The Office of Special Events determines the need in other filming situations to include general B-roll and Student Films.

For additional information please contact:

The Office of Special Events

Chapter 42A