November 3, 2019 @ 7:30 am – 1:30 pm UTC Timezone
200 N Buckner Blvd. 75218
Marcus Grunewald
(469) 223-9506

This annual half marathon and 5K is hosted by the Dallas Running Club and will start and finish at Norbuck Park. Pre and post activities will take place at Norbuck Park. Food and beverage (alcoholic) will be provided, and merchandise will be sold. Amplified sound is approved to start at 7:30 a.m. at or below 75% of the volume planned for 8 a.m., with a 5-minute sound check after 7 a.m. and volume must be maintained at or below 50% of the volume planned for 8 a.m. The route includes rolling closures; streets will close 15 minutes ahead of participants and reopen as the last participant passes through. At 7:30 a.m. the half marathon starts on the south entry road of Norbuck Park, proceeds west, crosses under the Buckner Boulevard overpass, right on East Lawther Drive; proceeds north on East Lawther Drive and turn left onto the new trail just before reaching Northwest Highway; proceeds west along Northwest Highway, turns left going under Northwest Highway, veer to the right on the pathway and make a U-turn onto West Lawther Drive, proceed south on West Lawther Drive, right on Branchfield Drive, left on Fisher Road, left on Greentree Lane, left on Santa Barbara Drive, right on Sperry Street, left on Williamson Road, right on West Lawther Drive, goes straight then veers left onto White Rock Road towards the Pump House, continues north on White Rock Trail, U-turns onto the White Rock Creek Trail (Veloway), left on White Rock Road (past the Filter Building) and continues north on the White Rock Trail, veers left onto White Rock Lake Trail just before the Spillway parking lot, left on White Rock Lake Trail along Garland Road, left on White Rock Trail just before the Garland Road/East Lawther Drive intersection, north on White Rock Lake Trail to East Lawther Drive at Sunset Bay, north on East Lawther Drive, right under the Buckner Boulevard overpass to re-enter Norbuck Park where they will finish and disperse. The 5K at 7:50 a.m. proceeds west under the Buckner Bridge, left on E. Lawther Drive, goes under Mockingbird Lane, continues on E. Lawther U-turns just before the Bath House, reverses the route to the finish line. Setup begins at noon on November 2 with the erection of a stage (8’x8’x24’) and tents (one – 20’x20’ and five – 10’x10’). Teardown will be complete by 5 p.m. and street closure apparatus removed by noon.

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