Commercial Filming Application & Additional Requirements

Important Application Information Below. Please read carefully before proceeding to the Commercial Filming Application.


The applicant shall procure and keep in full force and effect for the duration of the filming, minimum insurance written by an insurance company approved by the State of Texas and acceptable to the city and issued in the standard form approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. All provisions of each policy must be acceptable to the city and name the City of Dallas and its officers, employees and elected representatives as additional insured. Insured must provide a Waiver of Subrogation to the City of Dallas, its officers, employees for bodily injury (including death), property damage or any other loss. A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be submitted before permit is released.

Please refer to Commercial Filming Insurance Requirements for a complete list of requirements.


To help balance the needs of Dallas residents, businesses, and production companies, the Office of Special Events requires a production company to notify those in affected areas of all filming related impacts. To improve the communication process the Office of Special Events has established commercial filming notification requirements.

Please refer to the Commercial Filming Notification Requirements for a complete list of requirements.


Should filming require the assistance from the Dallas Police Department and/or Dallas Fire Rescue Department, the applicant will be required to hire the assigned number of off duty Dallas Police Officers and/or Dallas Fire Rescue for fire safety, medical, security, crowd control, and traffic control before, during and at wrap of filming.  The total number of police officers and/or medics required to work at the location will be determined by the Dallas Police Department/Dallas Fire Rescue/Office of Special Events, using industry specific planning variables.


The Office of Special Events shall deny or revoke any commercial filming if the applicant makes a false statement of material fact on the application or fails to comply with or the activity is in violation of any provision of the Commercial Filming Permit, or any other applicable law. The Commercial Filming Permit shall also be denied or revoked if the special events manager, chief of police department, or the chief of the fire department determines the activity poses a serious threat to public health, safety or welfare.

If a Commercial Filming Permit is denied or revoked, the Office of Special Events shall notify the applicant by phone and by certified mail, return receipt requested, notice of the denial or revocation and of the right to an appeal and instructions on how to file an appeal with the Permit and License Appeal Board.


An applicant/person commits an offense if he/she commences or conducts a special event or commercial filming without a Special Event Permit or Commercial Filming Permit or in violation of any provision of the Special Event Permit or Commercial Filming Permit, Chapter 42A, “Special Events” of the Dallas City Code, or any other applicable law.

Each offense is punishable by a fine not to exceed $2,000 for each violation of a provision governing fire safety, zoning, public health, sanitation, including dumping of refuse; and $500 for each violation of all other provisions.


As a condition of a Commercial Filming Permit  being issued, the permit holder agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of Dallas and all of its officers and employees against any and all suits, causes of action or claims for injuries, damages, costs and expenses to persons or property, whether public or private, that may arise out of, or be constituting a part of the special event, or any activity constituting a part of the special event, or any act, omission or misconduct of the permit holder or his agents, representatives, contractors, or employees. The permit holder agrees to discharge any and all judgments that may be rendered against the City of Dallas or its officers and employees in connection with any suit, cause of action, or claim after the judgment becomes final and unappealable.


Filming company is granted the irrevocable right to use the recordings taken by company in perpetuity.

By clicking the link below, you agree that you have read and understand the legal text above and assume full responsibility for the application process.

I agree to these terms and would like to continue to the Filming Application and agree that the application is submitted no less than 2-3 business days prior to the scheduled film date and 5-7 business days prior if the request outlined multiple locations and/or extensive planning.