To help balance the needs of Dallas residents, businesses, and production companies, the Office of Special Events requires a production company to notify those in affected areas of all filming related impacts. To improve the communication process the Office of Special Events has established commercial filming notification requirements.


Filming activity that involves but not limited to street, lane closures, live ‘blank gunfire’, loud music, special effects, pyrotechnics, and overnight filming are responsible to distribute notifications at least 3 days prior to filming.

Written notifications must be delivered to all owners and occupants of real property abutting the boundaries of the filming area. Neighborhood Partnerships and Home Owner Associations must also be notified when applicable.

In addition the applicant is responsible for the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that business and residents are allowed ingress/egress to and from their place of business and/or residence at all times.
  • Apartment/multi-unit complex notification – The notification letter is to be delivered to each complex at least 3 days prior to filming.
    • The notice must be hand delivered to complex management.
    • The applicant must secure the name of each complex manager/representative to whom the notice was given.
    • The building owner/manager must notify all tenants if there are no substantial objections to the proposed impact and associated activities.
  • When notifying businesses of your proposed filming activity, plan to notify both the property owner and the tenant business.
  • A complete list of all notified entities must be submitted by the applicant to the Office of Special Events upon request.
  • Filming activities occurring prior to 7:00am and after 10:00pm require approval via written signature from each merchant and/or resident directly impacted by the filming activity. Exceptions may apply to certain locations, contact your Film Permit Coordinator for specific requirements.
  • External lighting used for filming must not be directed onto private property without the prior approval of the property owner or directed onto public streets without prior approval of the Office of Special Events Film Permit Coordinator.
  • Residential Parking: legal parking of production/crew vehicles is allowed on one side of the street only, provided it is not a restricted curb lane. Please note the request to park on a restricted curb lane or both sides of the street requires a Film Permit and the review of the streets & police department.


Each notification must be on production company letterhead and include the following information:

  • Name of Production Company
  • Title of Production
  • Filming location
  • Dates and timeframes of filming activity
  • Description of filming activities and detailed information about the noise impacts of filming such as blank gunfire, explosions, pyrotechnics, loud music, and their timeframe
  • Description of road or lane closures including locations, timeframe, and map; if applicable
  • Name, email address, and phone number of the commercial filming permit applicant
  • Website associated with the production company; if applicable

Additionally each notice must include the following wording, as shown:

An application for a Film Permit has been filed with the City of Dallas Office of Special Events at 650 S. Griffin Street, Dallas TX 75202.  Contact the Office of Special Events at 214-939-2701 if you have any concerns regarding the impact of this filming.

Commercial Film Notification Sample

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