Woody’s Pride Backlot Party

September 17, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
4011 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, TX 75219

This event is a party hosted by Dallas Woody’s that will take place simultaneously with the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. The party will consist of two outdoor service areas being set up.  The first area will have two bars that would be set up in the parking lot.  The second area will be one bar that will be set up on the enclosed back patio.  The service area in the parking lot would be covered by two tents measuring 10’x10’.  There will also be a DJ to play music during the event.  The DJ area will consist of a 10’x10’ shade tent for the DJ and another for the MC/Host plus 2-4 ground based speakers, amp, mixing board, video monitor, mp3 player, CD player, two microphones, electrical power, and a trailer used as a stage.  Three bleachers/grandstands will also be erected for the event.  Food and alcoholic beverages will be sold. 10’x10 tents will be located through out the parking lot and at both entrances to provide shade. An 8’x16’x18” stage will be erected for the event.  There will be no street closures requested.  The projected total attendance is 200.

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