Welcome to the web site for the Office of Special Events for the City of Dallas. We hope this web site will be informative and useful as you begin planning your special event or commercial filming. The Office of Special Events also permits street pole banners associated with a Special Event.

The Office of Special Events is the regulatory authority of permitting outdoor special events and commercial filming activity in the City of Dallas. The Office of Special Events is governed by city code Ordinance Ch.42A Special Events. The Office of Special Events permits more than 800 special events and commercial film shoots each year. The events, which range in size from 75 people to 300,000 people, connect our communities and showcase the best our citizens and city have to offer.

From parades to foot races to street festivals, and movies to documentaries to commercials the Office of Special Events staff looks forward to assisting you with your special event or commercial filming permit needs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Special Events is to promote economic development in the City of Dallas, by facilitating the development and growth of both new and existing special events, banner permits and commercial filming activity.

To accomplish its mission, the Office of Special Events is committed to providing:

  • Assistance in attracting or creating new special events or commercial filming activity
  • An efficient, user-friendly special event and commercial filming permit process
  • A centralized operational planning process for new and major special events and commercial filming projects.

CES-POL-300 , Rev. 2, Eff. 06/26/13

Special Events

A special event permit is required for most temporary events with an estimated number of participants and spectators of 75 or more during any day of the event and involves one or more of the following:

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Street pole banners, in conjunction with permitted special events, can be temporarily installed on select TXU light poles within the city limits. The purpose of the banner program is to add life and color to the city’s streetscape, while at the same time, promoting special events and other cultural or sporting activities of benefit to the city.

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Venue Maps

View maps of great event locations such as City Hall Plaza, Fair Park, Downtown Dallas, Victory Park and more.

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The motion picture industry does much more than fill movie theaters with millions of people who  love to hear a good story. It creates jobs, builds the economy and serves as an incubator for the development of the creative arts industry, as does the production of television programs, television commercials and video games.

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